Tutorial on the Internals of Permissioned Blockchains and on How to Build Applications with Hyperledger Fabric

Practical information for EDBT2021

The tutorial takes place on March 25th 2021, 09:00-11:00 CET.
Zoom link: you will receive details on how to connect from EDBT.
Please download the VirtualBox image ahead of time and try whether it works on your machine.

Hands-on with Fabric


You will need a machine with VirtualBox installed and at least 8GBs of RAM and 25GBs or more free space.
While you do not need to be expert in the following, the tutorial uses Typescript, Javascript and Python as programming languages, and Node.js as a way of launching much of the application, so brushing up on these before the event is recommended.

Virtual Machine Image

We have prepared a VM for you to use after the tutorial about Fabric. It can be downloaded from these OneDrive links: [1. VBOX descriptor] [2. VDI disk image] (the password is "Copenhagen") before April 4th. If you'd like to access the files after that date, please send us an email.

After downloading the image, make sure to adjust the number of CPUs and the size of its allocated memory to values compatible with your computer. The password for the default user is "password". Fabric is installed in the home directory of the user.

Fabric is installed in: /home/vmuser/fabric-samples

If you want to use a proper text editor, Sublime is here: /home/vmuser/Desktop/sublime_text_3

To verify whether the VM is operational and ready for the tutorial complete these steps (pdf).

If you want to explore the official tutorials for Fabric, try your hand at this tutorial. The same website will also explain how to install Fabric from scratch (the virtual machine has the dependencies already installed).


You should clone the following repositories before the tutorial inside the VM (these repositories also contain the tasks to perform in their READMEs):

Additionally, slides explaining the exercises can be found here.


If you have questions/doubts, feel free to email Zsolt (zsis [ at ] itu.dk).